I can't sign in my language reactor

I’ve already bought the membership of language reactor, but I can’t sign in now. When I click the 'sign in ’ bottom and clicked 'sign in with google account ', It turns to another blank page and get back to the former page. Showing no reminders, I just can’t sign in my account!! T-T

And I have no idea why I can sign to this language reactor forum but can’t sign in to language reactor, wtf

I confront the same problem as you face.
Have you solved the problem?

me too same exact problem, i can sign in on my desktop but not my laptop, disabled ad block, enabled thrid party cookies and javascript too

yo i fixed it, go to manage extension, allow on incognito, and also allow on “all sites” something like that then on language reactor click alternative sign in method and login to google account and it will say please wait, but then in another tab thats logged into netflix, open up language reactor and click sign in and it will magically sign in