Cannot sign in to Language reactor

When I try to sign in to language reactor, I get a panel that says to pick a google account to sign in wirh. I click my google account and get a message panel:

Language Reactor - Sign in

Firebase: This browser is not supported or 3rd party cookies and data may be disabled. (auth/web-storage-unsupported). [Dismiss](javascript:void(0))

That’s it. My only option is to dismiss and I then get the same panel that says to pick a google account.

There is no hint about anything wrong. My browser is google and I got to this site by searching “cannot sign into language reactor.” I was automatically signed in, but it is the old LLN site.

How do I sign in to language reactor?

I found the solution.
You need to go into settings on google chrome. Under “privacy and security” click “cookies and other site data”. Then under “sites that can always use cookies” add Then once it is added try logging in and it should work.

I’m afraid it didn’t work :cold_sweat:
What do you think of deleting all cookies and trying again?

Same for me. Could not sign in, I can´t send an email because i cant find it on web. On their site klicking on email button doesnt do anything…
And I paid for premium 3 days ago… It isn`t worth the money

Hey Vanja, are you still not managing to log in ur account?
What is your email?

I’m having the same problem too

Hey, we fixed it yesterday. please try again and update us if the problem still occurs.

it still doesn’t work, but also my paiement has been rejected for no reason…