iPad version using Orion Browser (works but can't log in)

Hi everyone,

So I recently found out how to use language reactor on ipad using this post from reddit, and it works! Except the fact that I can’t sign in. I tried to log in via the LR site but to no avail until the next morning where I was finallyyy able to log in. But, even after signing in via the website, I still can’t save words in Netflix or open my saved words list because it still shows that I need to sign in to my LR account. :confused: I don’t know if it’s an LR issue or the browser itself, but has anyone encountered the same thing? The same thing also happens in Youtube.
Also, these are the exact steps, I used to use the LR extension on iPad:

  1. Download Orion Browser by Kiga

  2. Open *LR chrome extension page* then click Add to Orion

  3. Go to settings and Click Request Desktop Website and Click All (step 2 doesn’t work if you enabled this first before step 2).

  4. Open Netflix/Youtube and enjoy. ^^

Thanks to the reddit guy who posted this “hack”. Also, let me know if you guys were able to log in. Thanks to the Language Reactor team who make this possible and continually strive to improve it and add more features. <3 Much love, from PH


SAaame . This is huge gamechanger, but pleaseeee fix login!!!


This method suddenly stopped working for me for some reason :frowning: is it still working for you guys?

Hi, I’ve been looking around for this but cannot make it work on youtube, and the reddit link is now private :frowning: I’m on ipadOs 15.7.2, last version of Orion, and watching youtube behind a VPN which may not help…
I followed your instructions, but after I can’t find the LR button to turn on the learning interface (see picture below), and the extension in Orion in the menu just brings me to LR website…
Is this working with Youtube for you? I’m not using Netflix.

About the login issue, did you try reaching out directly to Orion people? i think they are pretty reactive for that sort of requests

Thanks in advance for the help !

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Same here. Unable to login to language reactor. Need to have this working on my iPad for travelling.


Same :pensive: Orion 1.2.9 (1) on iPad Pro iPadOS 16.3.1

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The Google singin for Language reactor fails, even the alternative method.
The problem is either the Orion ad blocker or the cross-side tracking prevention.
You can’t deactivate neither fully on iPad Orion.
With the iPadOS Safari there is no problem with signing in to Language Reactor, but unfortunately until now there is no extension for iPadOS.

In the meanwhile you could use Readlang to watch Youtube Videos with iPadOS Safari (but don’t forget to deactivate cross-side tracking in the iPadOS Safari settings or your Google login will fail).

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Hey, guys! Orion just updated on my iPad today and LR is working perfectly now. I can log in normally and everything appears to be running smoothly. So make sure to update the browser!