Can't update subscription

I have been using the extension last year in 2021. My payment method then expired (I don’t remember why, my card expired or something).

It says my subscription is active, but I’m not paying anything, and I can’t use the extension because a pop-up always asks me to update my payment details.

And if I go into /settings, this is what I see:

Notice also the next bill date stuck on 2021-05-18 whereas I’m writing this post on the 2022-10-26.

If I do click CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION here, or UPDATE PAYMENT METHOD from the popup when I try to use the extension, I get a 404 from the partner Paddle. I would post a screenshot but apparently my account’s not old enough so I can only put one in this post.

Now if it’s possible to reset my account payment processor or something so I can keep using the extension.

TL;DR Basically the bug seems to have happened because I let my payment method expire and for a reason or another it got 404’d on the payment processor’s side. And it seems there’s no way to update it from language reactor’s dashboard.

Hey Anthony,
Thank you for letting us know.

Can you send me in PM your email address so I can check it further?

Hofit, LR team

TODO: check out extension ‘update payment’ code out (super crusty), put an update payment link in the settings.

Hi Hofit_Nagar, LR team:
I’am taking advantage of this Anthony’s case for reaching the mine.
I had the same problem, probably because my credit card had been expired. The Bank fixed it. So, I had to update payment Method. But now, I see in my statement Bank 2 charges. One follow the other by
one or two days. 16 & 17 or 18 of each month. It came occurring from July,4 months.
My e-mail:

Best Regards,

Hey Hugo,
I don’t see any data for this user (
Please send me a recipe or a screenshot of the transaction to:
and I’ll check that out.

Hofit, LR team