Could we use deepL translate rather than google translate, at least in the text part?

deepL translate is much more successful in translating texts. It would be greatly appreciated if we could use it, at least for now, just in the text reading part of LR. Maybe next, it will be considered for all translating sections.
Thank you for such a wonderful extension (more than just an extension).


Having just completed 60 cards I realise how inadequate google translate is. Deep gl is also inadequate but at least provides several possible explanations.

Edit: Seems that DeepL might not be the most cost effective overall. Maybe editable definitions in the “Saved Items” list would be better and more cost effective, since machine translations are not 100% reliable every time, regardless of source these days.

Yes, I have been comparing whatever LR uses for machine translations (Google Translate?/something else? I think it’s Microsoft Translate) with DeepL, and I have to say that DeepL has been giving far better translations than LRs machine translation while studying Korean.

DeepL has an Open API plan? Would that help LR to use this for machine translations?

This is a list of current languages DeepL supports—as far as I can tell.

Anyway, it would be great to have better machine translations for Korean! Please consider this, Devs!

P.S. I Would love to add that DeepL might work better for Korean Machine Translations on videos, but not sure. I know an LR learner did comment that it would be pretty expensive overall.

A dev mentioned something to this effect, as well—but could this be more possible now?

Better translations for more people would be more of a pro than a con and attract more paying subscribers (who may otherwise be paying DeepL directly for more accurate translations).

P.P.S.: I found this quote from a dev in 2020, as well (it’s a bit tricky to piece info together on this forum, so I am hoping including this helps others follow what’s going on/updates):

This might also be why we may not get DeepL in the Text tool/reader mode for translations anytime soon. Too expensive, and I believe the Text Tool/reader mode (which uses machine translations) is free to all users currently(?)

Still, this might be possible in the future when there are more paying subscribers.
:crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

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