Creating Anki Flashcards Is Not That Easy

I don’t know how to create Anki flashcards, at least in the way I think they’re supposed to work.

I am sure I checked on all the tabs of the documentation that can be found here :

What’s described here is so far impossible for me to figure out. I’m using a Mac. I’ve got Anki2.

I cannot find this directory: [HOME DIRECTORY]/Library/Application Support/Anki2

The Import dialog box as documented is not what I am seeing. For example, I can’t map Field 2 to Back Extra. The only option there is Ignore field.

And in fact, that (Ignore field) is what I select, and Field 3 I select Map to tags.

To be fair, I can create flashcards. I just created a directory of my own for the contents of the zip file, and import the .csv data from there. But something tells me they’re not working as well as they’re supposed to. There is an entire media folder, but I have no idea how to incorporate this with the new flaschards. But, I do get a card with a Clozed deletion, and the correct answer is on the answer card. So this is usable, but I don’t think this is correct.

I suspect or hope that when the Language Reactor Flashcards feature is actually working, this will be a moot point.

About the directory I can’t help you because I’m a Windows user, but about import the CSV… Only thing you have to change is Type: Cloze, Field separated: Tab and check “Allow HTML”. If you change Type to Cloze you should see Field 2:Back Extra.

The content of the media folder you shoud put it in the folder that documentation says.

I find Anki incredibly clunky and unintuitive. I prefer Quizlet.

It’s easy when you have Anki set up. But yes, you need to spend time to know how it works.