Different settings for different languages

I really like language reactor, specially for the languages that I’m learning in a “lazy” way on Netflix. However, I started using LR for multiple languages and would really like to see this feature implemented. Would be nice to, based on the language you are loading the subs for, you have the ability to load completely different settings.

It is my experience that the way every language is learned by an individual varies ever so slightly, specially based on how far along you are for each.

Here comes a pretty big example/use case, but bear with me.

I’d like to consider myself high intermediate in Italian. I also, don’t need words to have different colors and also don’t need AP to be on. I only use LR without translated subs and with the subs overlaying the video. I also use Spanish to learn from Italian videos and use ASR for dubbed videos…this is perfect for italian

I just started using LR with Mandarin Chinese. I’m not a fan of anki but I figured if I could get LR to export the cards I may give anki another chance for this language. Apart from the export not really working for me (issue for another day I guess), in Chinese I see the words with color based on known or want to study etc. I also like to have AP on as I’m still a beginner (< 6 months), have the subs separated from the video (on the gray container below the video), hidden translated subs, and use English to learn from Chinese

For Japanese I am definitely quite advanced and because I no longer use anki, I don’t need words color coordinated. I also use most of the same settings I use for Italian except I use Japanese as the translated language (I only use Japanese to learn Japanese).

Every time I swap languages, I have to fix all settings again to how I would like it to be in that language. I also have to change the translated subs and language I’m using. If I was using ASR, I would have to reselect it per video (which I guess would be considered a different feature/bug request).

Once thing I haven’t tried I just thought about was to install LR in multiple chromium based browsers and use different settings, but maybe the settings get sync for the account (so I just wouldn’t sign in, but I was considering using premium as I’m still in trial as well so that would be a shame and features like ASR don’t work without premium)

Anyways, this post was all over the place but hopefully it makes sense as I think for someone like me this would be a killer feature.


I’m facing a similar problem here; I need to keep changing the font size and activating/disabling transliteration for languages in which the font is too small due to different characters or because transliteration is unnecessary as the language is phonetic

Well I am also facing the same issue with the site. No doubt it is very irritating to set different setting for different languages. But I also feel that it is a features which you can use to set for different languages.