Dual subtitles for couples is a feature

I’ve been using Language Reactor to solve a problem my partner and I often have: we both love to watch foreign films on Netflix but need different subtitles when watching together because our native languages are different. She needs Chinese and I need English. In the past, to get around this problem we would watch on two phones and make sure they’re synced up. But then I discovered Language Reactor and what it can do.

I tweaked the following LR settings:

  • set the “Netflix subtitle language” to one’s preferred language
  • set the “translation language” to the other’s preferred language
  • set “on mouse hover” to “do nothing”
  • set “show subtitles list bar” to false
  • set “show subtitles below video” to false
  • set “font size” to “small”

And so we achieved the Netflix layout magically enhanced with dual subtitles!

We love this feature very much and want to thank the team for making our movie nights possible. You are our heroes.

I’m sure that other multi-lingual couples out there would find this useful if it had greater support for different language pairs and was advertised as a mode within settings.

Thanks again!

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