Do you want to enjoy LR extension through iPad?

Hey guys!! We all knew that LR is the best Chrome extension for Netflix in the world when it comes to double subtitles. Sometimes, I want to lay on my bed and binge-watch episodes by using an iPad. However, it seems that we only can enjoy LR service through MacOs or windows systems (notebook or desktop). It would be great if LR can develop and explore more possibilities of adding extensions on Safari so that iPad users can enjoy their favorite movies anytime anywhere (iPad is lighter~). I hope it will come true!


Currently, the Safari browser already supports extensions, and I hope LR can be used on the iPad.


Any word from LR on getting us iPad users an extension in Safari? iPad and LR would be the ideal setup.

Still waiting? It would be amazing if we could use language reactor while watching Netflix on IPad

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Hi everyone,
We actually can using orion browser by kagi on ipad. I posted it here at But i cant log in so i cant really use it. Lmk if youre able to log in please. Thanks


Irene, Thanks for your sharing. I just downloaded orion browser. But it seems that I am not able to watch Netflix on this browser. Netflix keeps forcing me to use their app. How could you watch the series on orion browser? Thank you!

Did you enable “request desktop site”?

ive noticed i can use language reactor on ipad for youtube anyway, by going to this language reactor site here on the ipad then going to turtle tube. IT has a lot of selection of videos in your target language with the two sets of subtitles.

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Thanks! Problem solved!

Were you able to log in?

Hi, the website works (mostly OK) on iPad:

Extension isn’t supported (I haven’t tried running it at least), might consider it in the future.

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