Proposal for Language Reactor Expansion to iOS Devices (iPhones & iPads)

Hello Language Reactor Team and fellow users,

I am an avid user and a big fan of Language Reactor, especially for its innovative approach to language learning through entertainment on platforms like YouTube and Netflix. The Chrome extension has significantly enhanced my language learning experience. However, I have a proposal that could potentially broaden the utility and appeal of Language Reactor.

While, as I understand, the current focus on extending support to other web browsers like Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox is commendable, I believe there is a substantial opportunity in expanding the availability to mobile platforms, specifically iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads. From what I gather, there isn’t a similar tool on the market that offers the same functionality for these devices, and tapping into this could cater to a wider audience.

Many users, including myself, frequently use mobile devices for media consumption. Being able to learn directly from an iPad or iPhone without the need to switch to a computer would be incredibly convenient and beneficial. This expansion could not only enhance the learning experience but also attract new users who prefer or primarily use mobile devices.

I understand that developing an app for iOS may involve significant resources, but even a premium version could be very well-received. Many of us are willing to support such an initiative financially to see it come to fruition.

Could the team share if there are any plans in this direction? Any insights or feedback on this proposal would be greatly appreciated by the community, and I believe it could also open new revenue streams for your platform.

Thank you for considering this suggestion, and I look forward to the possibility of an even more versatile Language Reactor!

Best regards,


Yes, I have been waiting for a mobile version of the app for a long time.

I will share one method I found to make this app work on the iPad. Currently there is a browser released in the AppStore called orion, which allows you to install a Chrome extension, so you can run Language Reactor on your iPad. it didn’t work well on the iPhone, but on the iPad worked well on the iPad.

However, there are a few features that don’t work well and we would like to see a mobile version of the native app developed.

I am a professional Flutter developer and can help. My GitHub ID is ioridev.

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