Email other than google

Is it possible to use an email account other than google ( for example )
These days not everyone uses google for various reasons.


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Hi @Conrad,

Not currently. Looks like there working on it, according to their roadmap:

Currently Being Worked on

  • Allow Email login (without Google account).

Edit: Found out this “toggle on” “Alternative Login” things is actually for an issue some users are having with being able to sign in with a Google Login:

It’s too bad because that would be a great feature to be able to “toggle on” alternative ways of login on without Google:

  • user email
  • Outlook
  • Etc.

Saw this the other day (on the web browser and through the pseudo-app LR has):

Currently, it doesn’t do anything except toggle on/off, but it’s progress!

I just wanted to let ya’ll know!