English Machine Translations not Working on Chrome/Mac


I’m having issues with English Machine translations on Youtube. I’ve checked extensively, machine translations are working completely fine on Netflix and I even tried installing the extension on Brave ( it accepts chrome extensions ) and I was able to get English Machine translations working on Youtube. What is really interesting is that , if I change the translation to anything other than English, I see the translations coming up just fine, only for English I get a simple “-”. Please let me know if there’s a fix, I’ve already updated chrome - I don’t know why this would work in Brave and not in chrome. I tried removing cookies/browsing history - for last 4 weeks, that also didn’t help.

Please suggest.


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Hi @Parth_Bhardwaj,

This may be similar to what you are experiencing. I ran a test of videos on YouTube myself and got similar results/a similar experience.

There’s not a fix yet, as far as I can tell. Except maybe sleuthing around for videos with similar language options to ones that showed machine translations (until the devs fix the " - " situation already reported in the #bug category, I mean.)

I’ve had the same complaint. I’ve reported the bug and sent an e-mail and haven’t seen an official response yet.

I’m using Chrome and watching Spanish (auto-generated) videos with machine translations to English. I also get a hyphen. The same exact video translated fine a week ago. I cleared cookies/browser history and no change.

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I’m really starting to wonder why I pay for this extension. It constantly doesn’t work.

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I have the same issue on youtube, seems the translation feature is not working? Any plan to fix it? @David_Wilkinson

Okay - good news. Things seem to have returned to normal - no more issues now. Things are back to working as expected. Cheers!

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Thank you for the heads up! I appreciate it! Looks like it’s working on my end, too.