Translation subtitles failed

Hi There,
I’ve been running into a problem recently that I can’t see the translated subtitles in most of the YT videos in which YT provide original English subtitles. This issue just started a few days ago and I’m in Taiwan, so the translations I’m looking for are in Traditional Chinese.

Country: Taiwan (the translated subtitle is Traditional Chinese)

For example, there’s a specific video where I’m having trouble seeing the translated subtitles, even when I adjust the settings correctly.

These are the settings of LR and the failure snapshot, which was not showing the translated subtitle.
I can’t embed the media images while I cam a new user :(, I put the snapshot in the google drive links for your reference.

the new user can only put 2 links :frowning: , let me know if you need more snapshot for reference

This is a big deal for me because I paid for a subscription mainly for this feature. It’s frustrating when it doesn’t work.

Thanks for your help.


I have the same issue today on youtube

By any chance, the translated subtitles don’t show up and are marked with a “-”? I was getting stressed because I thought I was the only one having that problem.

Same issue for me. It started last week and still couldn’t work on Youtube. However, the translated subtitles run well on Neflix.

This may or may not help the devs figure out the problem, but I did some more experimenting with this and other Youtube Videos:

Went through 6 videos and:

  • 1 Video had both Human & Machine Translations
  • 2 Videos didn’t have machine translations (These didn’t have human translations available either)
  • 1 Video was missing machine Translations but had human Translations
  • 2 Videos were missing machine Translations Until further into the video

The Language Options (clicking on YouTube’s Settings gear :gear: on the video) of the videos were:

  • 1 Various Human Translations
  • 1 Korean (auto-generated)
  • 1 Korean & Korean (auto-generated)
  • 2 English >> Korean and various Human Translations
  • 1 English & Korean (auto-generated)

The Language Options for the videos that had Translations:

  • English >> Korean and various Human Translations

The Language Options for the videos that had Machine Translations (but not Human Translations):

  • English >> Korean and various Human Translations
  • English & Korean (auto-generated)

The Language Options for the videos that had Human Translations (but not Machine Translations):

  • Various Human Translations

The Language Options for the videos that didn’t have Machine Translations:

  • Korean (auto-generated): This video offered no human translations because the uploader didn’t provide them/set the correct settings when uploading the original video.
  • Korean & Korean (auto-generated)

The URLs of the 6 Videos I used:

  1. Run BTS! 2015 EP.1 - Open - YouTube
  2. 오분순삭 조승우 - YouTube
  3. [목요철학 인문포럼] 제831회 "성리학 전통의 공(公)과 사(私)" - 이승환 교수(고려대 철학과) - YouTube
  4. Agust D '해금' Official MV - YouTube
  5. [슈취타] EP.14 SUGA with j-hope - YouTube
  6. BTS (방탄소년단) 'DNA' Official MV - YouTube

I looked at the language options of the video Chen_Hung_Jen embedded into their #bug report, and it does have language options similar to some of the videos I was having trouble with loading translations (a.k.a. seeing the " - " en dash in):

Video on Translations subtitles failed bug report

I also went from the embedded video myself to Youtube and tried machine translations with the following settings and got the " - " en dash that multiple users have shared in other reports:

P.S. I may have to edit this to make more sense over time, but I hope it makes sense and helps the devs resolve the #bug!

Yes, and I think that type of dash can show up when the video uploader themselves didn’t include a translation, but I am not sure.

I would check your video’s language options (not LR’s language options) to be sure they offer subtitles in the language you are trying to see. And watch your video a bit to get a feel for if the uploader didn’t provide a complete subtitle/CC for the video you’re watching.

I hope that makes sense!

P.S. I have also noticed a " - " in some subtitles if the uploader (of the subtitles/video) just didn’t put a translation in for those subtitles.

Take, for example, the text between brackets on Netflix CCs usually have a " - " because the subtitles for the translation language didn’t include closed-caption style subtitles for that translation:

LR Settings: Korean [CC] and English (Human Translations)

Difference Between CC and Subtitles and why they're sometimes different (if confused):

Closed captions are created to allow deaf and hard-of-hearing people to experience the video, so they include background sounds and speaker changes. Subtitles assume the viewer hears the audio and, as a result, do not contain the background sounds or notifications for speaker changes. [I also think this is why these subtitles often don’t include exactly what is being said (a.k.a. match the original spoken sentences).]

Edit: Lots of additional nuances I’m learning about (ex. captions vs. subtitles), so I thought I would drop this resource that explains it well: Subtitles vs captions: A quick guide to video transcription

Heads Up, ya’ll!

It looks like it’s working again (at least on my end). I checked all the previous videos I did a test on—in addition to the one that @Chen_Hung_Jen embedded—again and they had the translations instead of a " - ".