Subtitle translation not appearing correctly on YouTube

Hi I’m living in Taiwan. I’ve encountered a frustrating situation where the auto-generated English portion of the video is still displayed, showing known words and suggested word categories, but the double-subtitled Chinese translation has disappeared, it always shows the entire Chinese side at the beginning of the video, but after a few seconds of the video the Chinese portion goes blank with no content. Even though I’ve taken some people’s advice in the comments, after logging out of my account and going back to youtube playback, it still doesn’t show the translated text. I’ve recorded a video and uploaded to youtube (private) to show you the error I’m experiencing.

Hi @ZX1,

I’m just a friendly LR user, but what I think I’m seeing here might relate to how the subtitles were uploaded to this specific video rather than LR’s extension.

It is possible that it’s the result of a subtitle timing issue on LR’s server side, but I’m not sure. I don’t know enough to make an accurate guess on that.

Have you tried other videos, and do they have the same issue?

I remember seeing others with a similar problem on the Forum in much older posts.

Similar topics I found on the forum:

Edit: I also found this reply on a similar Forum post in Ask the community that goes into some further detail that might explain potential issues/reasons for what you are seeing: youtube translation language not showing up - #23 by Alx02