youtube translation language not showing up

yes so it must be something with english. however i tried an english video, and it will do the subtitles in english, and also if you select the translation language in english it works too.
it just shows a “-” when i watch videos in italian that i want an english translation.

I did everything too, i uninstalled the LR extention and reinstalled it didnt help either.
its frustrating as hell.

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yes this happened to me last night! i thought for a split second it was fixed, and would show up normally in the next video.

this happens at the end of the video… and a couple of subtitles show up after this happens a minute to the end of the video.
then the next video has no english translation

Having this exact issue as well. Anyone find a fix? I’ve removed and reinstalled the extension and it’s still broken.

I’ve noticed though specifically that it seems to have no problem translating videos that have actual Spanish captions and not auto-generated.


Me too live same problem… Its not working. Big text pops up all of a sudden. And then nothing is working…


Same here - every video translation has a “-” where there should be the English translation, however the last line of dialogue in the video dumps the entire text there. Been going on for serveral days now. Thanks for this amazing product, hope it works again soon!!!

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i have the same problem , but i think there something wrong with youtube, because this problem also in ipad :smile:

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Same with me: english translations don’t appear at all, translations into other languages appear in subtitles, but not int the sidebar on the right.

I hope it’s possible to fix
Thank you for a wonderful app!

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Youtube doesn’t seem to be able to fix this problem. language reactor should use their own servers for youtube translation. At least we will get rid of such youtube-related problems.

Having the same problem…I’ve spent all day trying to fix this. LR used to work great to translate ENG into ESP and ESP into ENG, now it is giving me the giant paragraph at the end of the video. Thank you for all your help! Love LR…has really helped me aprender mas espanol. Gracias


Hey. There is an issue with Youtube’s internal machine translation system… if you remove the extension, and try to select machine translations of Youtube captions in the video playback menu, you will see something similar.

It’s a bit surprising to see something like this break on Youtube…

I’m hoping they fix it shortly.

Seems to be fixed on youtube finally!

it seems to be working now! thank you!
i appreciate all the work that you all have done for this extension.
youve made one hell of a difference for me.
thank you again

awesome! it is working again! to anyone who helped thank you!

I also had a problem, unable to translate from English to Thai.

Have you found a solution to this problem?
I have the same problem, translation from English to Ukrainian is not possible shows “-” Translation from Ukrainian to Russian at the same time works.

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Its not working again. Same problem

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Same - I’m a little relieved to see someone else posting this - as I’ve been going crazy for the past hour.

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I’ll say I’ve been fumbling around - and strangely when I VPN into france - it fixes for me. YMMV

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If your YouTube translations are not showing up or are only appearing as short lines in the target language, it could indicate a potential issue or limitation with YouTube’s translation feature. Here are a few possibilities to consider:

  1. Availability of translation for specific languages: YouTube’s translation feature may not support all languages for translation. It’s possible that the translations you’re trying to display in English or Italian may not be available or fully supported by the platform. You can refer to YouTube’s language support documentation or reach out to their support team for specific information on language availability for translations.
  2. Processing time for translations: YouTube’s translation feature may require some time to process and display translations for videos. If you recently added or modified translations, it’s possible that they haven’t been fully processed yet. Give it some time, and check again later to see if the translations become visible.
  3. Platform or technical issues: YouTube occasionally experiences technical issues or temporary glitches that can affect the display of translations. These issues are typically resolved by YouTube’s team, so it’s worth checking back later to see if the problem persists.

If the translations continue to not show up or only appear as short lines, it’s recommended to reach out to YouTube’s support team directly. They will have access to specific information about your account, videos, and translation settings, and can investigate the issue further or provide guidance to resolve the problem.

Keep in mind that YouTube’s translation feature may have limitations, and translations may not always display as expected. It’s a good idea to refer to YouTube’s official documentation, seek support from their team, and explore alternative methods or tools for video translation if needed.

I hope this will help you!

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Are you using an AI to translate videos and then uploading the file along with the video Or are you manually uploading translation still?
Sometimes external files may glitch due to format incompatibility or large size of file but if the captions are done manually on YouTube then you better contact the service team or log out from your Google account and login again