Erorr Meassge NETWORK_ERROR Lang

I have Premium Version But Nothing Work

My Web browser is :Brave

Erorr Meassge
Language Reactor Error: Failed to retrieve linguistic data: NETWORK_ERROR Lang: en, tt_key: SUBS_en_1_2fab0f7d01b2828fc26dde650a7ea6b2


I’m having the same error. I assume there’s a problem with the Language Reactor servers. I remember this happened before and it was eventually resolved.


Same here since last night. From libya

Same here, even with Chrome.

I’ve got the same problem!

since this morning I’ve had a bug that makes it impossible to use LR on chrome or safari. a message appears: Network Error, please check your WiFi. Load flashcard metadata failed.

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Any solution for this problem?

That’s useful to know. I hope they solve it soon - my German isn’t good enough to cope without help from an English translation!