Export of Learning Stage property

First off, I’m really enjoying LR. Amazing tool.

I was curious–it seems like the “Learning Stage” property (Marked Known, Marked to Learn, Don’t Learn) isn’t part of the export to CSV or
Excel. Not sure about JSON.

Is it actually there and I’m overlooking it? Or is it just something that hasn’t been added yet? Or perhaps there is a good technical reason to not export it? It’d be useful for building Anki decks, in my case.

I have various ways I can work around this, such as filtering on Learning Stage to do separate exports. Or using one of my tag colors as a redundant filter. But nonetheless thought I’d ask in case I’m missing something.

Thank you again; I’m a happy subscriber.

btw, I use “Marked Known” for a few reasons. One is it’s a single click from the hover menu, so it’s a lower friction tag than assigning a color. Also I have some control of whether transliterations are shown on these words or not, which is handy. Currently I use this for English words that show up in Korean and Japanese, FWIW.