Export title, link of the video and export font size


When I export the translations, the file title has the date and a number:
Could we have the title of the video as the file title?
Could we also have the same title for the first line of the export and, as a second line, a link of the video on the export file to find it back easily if we want to watch it again or continue where we were left off?
Could we add a .doc format for export?

Thank you so much!

Could we also pick the font size of the export, because it might be too tiny to learn properly for some languages:


Could we also have an option that if the targeted language is not human translated, that will switch automatically to automatic translations, because we actually have to manually change it in the options menu.
The font size of the subtitles panel next to the video is also small, could we pick the font size?

Could we also set a language #2 preference, that is to say, if the human translation is not available in language #1, it would automatically switch to language #2 human translated, or else it would switch to automatic translations for language #1?

Could we also have a keyboard shortcut that users could assign to display all the blue bubbles of 1 subtitle instead of mouse hovering and instead of 1 word displaying?