[feature] Pre-watch prep for common words

Wow, I can’t believe how much the extension has improved since I last looked at it. You guys rock! Thanks for all the time and efforts you’ve been into this, it’s awesome!

I thought it would be great to have a way to prepare for in advance for a movie/episode, by seeing a list of all (non-common) words of that episode sorted by frequency. And then be able to add, say, “top 30” words to green dictionary (that weren’t added previously), etc.

I think the reasoning is clear: do the studying ahead of time so that our brains are prepped to hear these words and also that we’ll need to pause less frequently and can enjoy the content more. In the case of series and anime it will be nice to gradually build up the right vocab.

Are there any plans to open source the project? I would be happy to help with this part.

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Hey, thanks. We’re planning to add word frequency feature back in sometime soon, this would be a pretty easy feature to implement at that point. I was thinking to do it on a ‘series’ level too. In an ideal world, all code would be open source, but the extension is our only income. Hmm. :neutral_face:

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Thank for the quick reply. Awesome news that the feature is doable and that we see it in a similar way :smiley:

Gotcha. From my side I don’t associate open source with “free” (monetarily), but it’s great to be able to get involved with and contribute to cool projects. And many (myself included) are happy to contribute financially via Github Sponsors or others (I’m already a pro member, pending the end of my trial - couldn’t find away around that - purely to fund development, not the pro features). Or were you worried about others deploying your code for monetary gain and competing with you? Non-commercial use licenses are a possibility. Anyway, it’s a whole other issue… just something to keep in the back of your minds :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the awesome project! Happy coding :smiley:

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