Feature Request: Better Navigation for Saved Items

“From where did I save this word?” “I have encountered this word, but where??”

I find that context involves a huge role in recalling words, which is why I find it very very frustrating when I encounter a saved word and cannot remember where I saved it from and where else I have seen it. Sure, I can scroll through my saved items and try to find it, but it is a huge trouble to scroll through hundreds in order to find a single word.

Wouldn’t it be so convenient if users were allowed to search for a particular word/phrase in their saved items? I think it would also be handy to be able to filter saved items by date added, the title of the video where it was saved from, level, etc.

I hope you guys can sympathize with my concern. Thank you so much, LLN team, for working so hard to make LLN even better than it already is! I wish you guys had a Patreon bc I feel like you guys should be living like kings for all the work you put into LLN lol. I can’t describe how helpful LLN has been to me. Really, thank you so so much!

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