Feature Suggestions

I’m a new LLN user and LOVE IT. It’s the best app I’ve come across for language learning, so thank you!

I’ve been using it almost daily for the past month and there are a few things that would be very helpful:

1. Show / Episode Filtering: Currently when you save a word or sentence, it’s added to your Saved Items, but it’s all aggregated in a single list. I have several shows I’m watching at once. It would be great if you could save the Show - Season - Episode anytime something is saved, and then provide a filter for
a. The Show or Movie (ex: Show: Ozark, Movie: Sleepless)
b. The Season (ex: Ozark - Season 1)
c. The Episode (ex: Ozark - Season 1 - Episode 2… or Ozark S1:E2)
This would allow you to quickly navigate to the vocab within a specific show or episode.

Right now it’s all together (for example, the Spanish from 3 shows in one list) and I can’t play the specific starred line unless I remember the Show, Season and Episode and pull it up.

It would also allow you to filter your Saved Items to just the show that you’re currently watching, vs. everything you’ve watched and saved.

2. Click to Play in Saved Items: Related to the suggestion above, I can’t play a line unless I remember what Show and Episode to pull up. It’d be great if play was enabled and it automatically opened the corresponding Episode.

3. Printed Cues: When printing, it would be great if green words were underlined, and starred lines were asterixed (or something similar) so that you could have the same focus in print that you do online.

Keep up the great work!


Good suggestions, I’ll respond soon. Thanks.

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