My sugesstions


Firstly - I think LLN is a great extension, which give an opportunity to combine learning with pleaseure from watching films to a certain extent. I can’t compare this extension to anything similar (program, extension, app) which is as good as LLN.

However it’s not perfect and not fully efficient. So here my main suggestions how it could be changed:

  • as somone mentioned in other topic - there is no possibility to select and check more than 1 word, what is really annoying, because I can estimate that during English learning 20 - 35% of all things I want to check id dictionary aren’t single words but phrases, idioms.
    So sellecting text and checking more than 1 word - I saw this funcionality metioned in “maybe to do list” so another vote from me to implement it.

  • I Haven’t bought premium account yet but I tested it for one week and I think that right now It’s not a big upgrade comparing to basic account. Why? I think especially about saving words.

This functionality have great potential, however right now it’s quite chained. Changing the color of saved word is really not enough.

Perfect solution in my opinion: Posibility to save word and write our own definition of it. This definition should be shown in popup window above word (phrase) everytime it appears in future during watching films (sort of automatic falshcards from saved words)

Theese 2 suggestions are the most important in my opinion.

Last thing:
Premium LLN price: I don’t thing it’s expensive but it’s not really cheap either. You should consider to sell packages of 3, 6, 12 months with discounts. For me buying 12 months subscpiption with reasonable discount is much better that paying for it every month the price that bothers me a little bit.


Thanks for feedback. These are all changes we want to make too.

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