Review + Ideas I'd love to see implemented :)

I’ve been using LLN for 10 minutes and I already feel the need to leave a review because it’s that good. And that says a lot, considering I generally don’t review anything. The interface is great, and the subtitles blend in amazingly. I love the machine/human learning option too. I don’t know if some of my ideas are already planned to be implemented but I’m going to list them anyways:

  1. add an option to change the colors of text and background
    -the hard words color
    -saved words, etc

  2. add a feature to delay the subtitle speed or increase it
    -like if one line is “you’re dumb” and the next one is “no i’m not” then allow the user to edit the timing in which the former line disappears

  3. add a compare feature between words. this would be godly as hell. I’m watching Barberes and two similar words popped up in French: prostitute and prostitute (2nd one has the slant thing to the right) and it’d be sick if I could conveniently compare the two words to find out the difference

and that’s pretty much all I have for features I’d love to see. I don’t even know if any staff will even give this the time of day but I hope they do!

also, does anyone know what the import dictionary option is and how to use it? like obviously it’s to add dictionaries but are there any cool features you can get from a different language learning app/program by importing it to LLN?

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