New name/styling

Me and Og are considering rolling LLY into LLN, as one extension, at some point, when LLY is stable. We might add support for text websites too (dictionary, word saving etc.). So, the extension will probably need a new name.

I quite liked ‘Language Safari’, becuase, you go to see the langauge where it lives, it’s ‘native’ habitat.

And, I liked this graphic style for the website, it’s not too ‘producty’:

You could draw words in animal shapes, could be cute.

Og’s opinon: ‘No, we can’t call it that, because of Safari browser.’

Any ideas? :slight_smile:

Hi David, sounds very good, I was just now trying to find an extension for chrome to highlight words when I’m reading but nothing interesting.
If you don’t mind, I’d like to write here an idea because I really love when we highlight a word and everytime we see that word is going to be highlited, with Netflix I’m using yellow for the vocabulary I know and blue for the one I wrote in Anki, so the rest is new stuff to learn.

There is a big problem and I think this could be a solution if it’s not so hard for you.
Imagine an user adding manually vocabulary in his account (database) if the user can add the word exactly as he, she wants, and chose a basic color.
Once with the words saved netflix, youtube, facebook, website, pdf or as much you can give support is going to show those words highlited.

I think would be a very powerful extra and more people are going to support economically this project.

By the way, the issue with the japanese text in the side bar is solved, thank you for the update!