Small quality of life improvements

Dear LLN team.

Been using LLN to export to Anki for a couple years and have a few small things that would make my own, and most likely many others’ lives easier.

  • Dates / times for when the word / phrase was saved. (this is to avoid that if the export is wrong you can still tell which cards you need to export since you no longer have the option of exporting everything from the last export). The possibility to use last export dates again would also be nice.
    PS: Export everything since last time is such a genius feature.

  • The ability to select several items at once using Shift and clicking further down (as in most other programs).

  • Saving the original sound of the phrase from Netflix when saving words.
    (not sure if this is just a bug that happens sometimes but, a lot of times my sound isn’t saved on words).

Thank you so much for making such a fantastic tool. It’s made learning japanese a treat, and I use this app every single day. I’m good enough at Japanese now that I’m moving to Tokyo in August, and that’s a lot thanks to you guys’ app!

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