Feature Request: Include Saved Items from Other Videos in Usage Examples

“How was this word used in previous videos I have watched?” “Wouldn’t it be easier to connect ideas if saved items where this word was used also appeared in the usage examples?”

I’m sure many users use this same method when trying to find familiar usage examples of a word: Think long and hard about what other video they have seen that word in, and hope that they were right whilst diligently scrolling through that video’s subtitles to find that word.

Sure, alternative dictionaries that offer usage examples are available. But, being able to connect new examples with old ones would help users make stronger word associations, leading to a better understanding and recollection of the word.

My suggestion for this problem: In the usage examples section, also include examples from the saved phrases.

As always, thank you so much LLN team for working so hard to continuously improve LLN! Much love!

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