Saving words

I don’t know how to do [make saved words from video show up on saved items page]

I upgraded to pro saved items page says “0” even though I have saved multiple words and phrases on a youtube video.

I am sure I checked on all the tabs of the documentation that can be found here : Language Reactor.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Did you check the Language set on the same language of the Saved words?

Yes, it’s set to my learning language.

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If i well understand, you saved words (by marking them green/orange) on youtube’s videos but when you’re looking on the LR website, it doesn’t appear on the “marked words” ?

Did you saved the word before having a “pro” account and now that you have a “pro” account, the words that you saved aren’t appear ? If so, is it only on youtube video ? Also on Netflix ? Was it the same email address that you used when you had the free account and the “pro” account ?

Thanks for your answer

Good day

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Can you send me the email address you signed up with?

If you don’t want to write it here, you can send it to me in a private message or thru Email:

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Yes, I think the words I saved were from before I upgraded to the pro account, But it took some time to work after I upgreaded. Now it seems toi be working ok. Thanks for responding.