Not saving words in pro

i have LR pro. i am using surface pro 7 and chrome. after using a vpn called windscribe, language reactor no longer saves my words. even after i turned the vpn off. i did find out their beta page dev.languagereactor still has my words so i have kept pro but it’s very annoying.

Hi, perhaps you are logged in with a different email (as a different user), in case you had multiple emails on Google? The dev version is almost identical, and shares the same database, i.e. it should show the same saved items for you.

I am having the same problem

Please help. I am paying for the app and have experienced many problems this year. Words aren’t saving. When i delete words, they remain in my saved words list and now the list has disappeared all together.

Did you get any error message? Could you send me your email address in PM?

how do you pm on this platform?

You can click on my username, and on the purple “Message” button.

i’m not seeing that option. can you message me please?

i don’t know what they changed but it’s working now