Feature Request : Focusing on Idiom rather than word

As an English learner, LLN is very good app. I appreciate you.
But, somehow, this app is focusing more on Asian languages learners who can write in English here than English learners who are the most majority, though.

One of uncomfortable features is that this app focuses on managing each word but English is all about idioms and phrasal verbs, which are made of basic words but the meannings become unexpectedly different and even words belonging to an idiom or a phrasal verb are scattered in a sentense. But LLN does not work about this matter.

So I usually open 7~8 web dictionaries inputting a cluster of words as an idiom onto. I don’t use word level of LLN, any feature for words of LLN. But I hope LLN can recognize English idioms and phrasal verbs someday in the future.