Feature request: Better recognition of hyphonated words

Hi there! Thank you for what you have done! It really helped a lot when learning English.

But LNN cannot recognize words with dashes correctly. When I move to those words, it just showed the interpretation of a part of a whole word. Like, vis-a-vis, it just showed the interpretation of vis or a, but not vis-a-vis. It would be great to fix that.

Thanks a lot!

Shiwei, the issue may be that any hyphonated words (with dashes) are not native English words. You mentioned “vis-a-vis”, that is actually a French phrase (face to face). Honestly the best thing to do is simply google it. I am not sure of the complexity of what is involved for a translation because then it has to search other language databases (I am guessing).

Thank you for your reply!

Your words make sense. Right now, the best way is to simply google it as you said. But anyway, it would be great to have this feature. LOL