Feedback for Language Reactor family package (Premium Member)

Feedback for Language Reactor (Pooya M., Premium Member)

Issue: I am a premium subscriber who wants to change the primary Gmail account associated with my Language Reactor subscription. I would like to switch from my main Gmail to a secondary one that I share only with my parent (3 users total).

Current Limitations: Language Reactor currently doesn’t allow changing the primary account or using non-Gmail accounts.


  1. Change Primary Gmail: Allow premium users to switch the primary Gmail account associated with their subscription. This would be helpful for situations like mine where I want to share Language Reactor with specific individuals without exposing my main Gmail account.

  2. Shared Subscriptions (Optional): Consider an optional feature where premium subscribers can share their subscription with one or two additional users. This could be particularly valuable for users like me who primarily use Language Reactor for Netflix and already have a family plan.


  • Security: Many users might prefer not to share their main Gmail password, especially for language learning tools.
  • Limited Netflix Advantage: The main advantage of Language Reactor seems to be Netflix integration, which is already achievable for free on Youtube with other subtitle extensions. Shared subscriptions could incentivize users who primarily use it for Netflix.

Thank you for considering my feedback.
I am looking forward for your response.
Kind Regards,

Pooya M.