[Forum/Roadmap Request] Update Roadmap/Create a Better Roadmap

Hey LR Team,

I really think that the Roadmap/TODO list should be continuously updated every quarter or 6 months at least. The last update shows as March '22, when it was moved from the In English to News from the Team category (more than a year ago).

Note: This would be different than having separate News from the Team category updates from the LR Team/Developers about features coming soon or whatnot (ex. “New Feature: Speech Recognition on Netflix (“Subs for Dubs”) :open_mouth:” ). Those are great, and I know users—like me—appreciate them! :pray:

However, I’d also like to propose that the Team create and use a roadmap setup similar to this one:

Story Graph Roadmap: https://roadmap.thestorygraph.com/

It would be an excellent way for to truly continuously update an LR roadmap viewable by all users.

These are the sections that would be most useful to users:

  • Up Next/Coming Soon
  • In Progress/Currently Being Worked on
  • Shipped/Done/Live
  • Staged to go Live
  • Medium-term/Top Priority
  • Long-term/When the Tech Becomes Available/When LR Has the Resources
  • Ideas/Considering

Note: Bold is for my suggested section titles based on your current setup in the “Feature TODO List” and roadmap.

An up-to-date roadmap is essential for full transparency and puts the Team’s thoughts (and feedback from the community) in a single place learners can reference.

It also reduces the burden of having to update with longer, more detailed updates like in the Update! Learning Stages, Flashcards, All Words Panel, PhrasePump, API… update.

This could also replace the URL for the roadmap topic that is currently linked to the “Changelist” text in the extension settings. And the URL linked in the FAQ section of LR:

Changelist LR Settings

P.S. I don’t think the “Give Feedback” section is vital for this type of thing since y’all have this forum, your Google forms, and the language extension email for feedback. Implementing this roadmap request would make updates more habitual with little friction for the LR Team.

Please, Please, Please consider this when it becomes more realistic for y’all to do so! :pray: :pray:

Thank you! :smiley:

P. P. S. A link to the roadmap could also be added to the “Request” template and users could check that before submitting a feature request. :slightly_smiling_face:

P.P.P.S. I use Notion and I remembered that you can also publish pages to the web (for free as far as I know). This would be a great option for LR to publish a nice and easy to use/view LR Roadmap:

You could use a “Board View” Template to create your roadmap quickly and easily:

Source: Board-Ansichten – Notion Hilfe-Center

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Additionally, another app I use also has a great Roadmap and Changelog set up here:

Their Roadmap Looks Like This:

And Their Changelog Like This:

Which is very straightforward/clear/clean, and informative to me.

P.S. The updates on News from the Team have been very helpful so far! Thank you!