Grouping of saved elements and the possibility of filtering for groups

Dear developers!

In the application, the saved phrases are collected in long rows under each other on the “saved phrases page”. A filter function by the source would be very, very usefull. For video, the application saves which video I saved from, but it is not possible to filter it.
In the ‘text’ function I saved many sentences from letters and other texts. Here, it should be possible to group saved expressions into categories created by ourselves. Maybe with a tag.
On the “saved phrases” page, if I select one or some phrases, a button would appear and I could enter an address given there or it could be entered somewhere in the header on the “text” function.
For example: “X.Y. letter on January 20", "J. M. Barrie: Peter Pan, etc.
It could be filtered for the tags created in this way.

Later, these categories can be selected and used in PhrasePump. If I only want to practice these categories.

And these categories/tags could also be selected during export.

Csilla Hegedűs


This is a great idea, I really support this! :slight_smile: