Hello I would like to suggest new function!

Hello I’m studying French and German same time, and LR helps me a lot to study both language
here is my suggestion!

can you added one function that added memo(taking a note) function on the saved words part?
for example, when I remember the words I try to make it fun to remember the words
like [Kotze] is vomit in german, but I remember this words 꽃은(kkocheun) which means flower in korean
so let’s image on the dinner table you missed flower! because someone ate it, so I ask to people hey 꽃은? then one person realized that he/she ate flower so he/she try to vomit!

so this is my remembering words method, so I hope each words lists I can add memo(taking a note) like that kind of my remembering technique to remember words easily

thank you!


Hello mate,

To be sure to well understand, can you check what i wrote recently (and tell me if it’s what you’re looking for)
(You can read all , or go straight to the FIRST point) :