I have the premium version and I’ve had this error for several hours now where your application doesn’t work on either Netflix nor Youtube. ‘Problem fetching translations. NETWORK_ERROR’
I see there are several others who have the same issue, so the issue obviously lays on your end and there is nothing we as customers can do about this other than letting you know about it, which several of us has. It is awfully quiet on your part about this. It would make some sense if this was a free application, but now I and others are putting our money into this and we deserve to at least hear something from you on that you are working on this issue and are acknowledging us knowing about it.

Thank you.


Facing this right now with Japanese translations …
the error message: Language Reactor Error: Failed to retrieve linguistic data: NETWORK_ERROR Lang: ja

got a same problem here with english translation too. Cannot save words as well.

Sorry about these problems, I had to have unexpected surgery (two actually), and the software suffered, trying to catch up now.

We’ll send a newsletter in the next few days.

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