How can we improve our english language

I think that is not easy to improve our english language because even if there are a lot of resource and site wibe that’s why we can not focus on one thing and one strategy of learning
What is the best way to focuse on one thing in learning?

For me, I have to keep telling myself which resources I will focus on in a given:

  • Study session
  • Week
  • Mouth
  • Quarter
  • Year
  • Or another way of marking time that I come up with

Language learning is a bit of a feat, so regardless, there is more of an opportunity to improve over time by focusing on a handful of the right resources for you at any given learning stage you are in.

Just decide what resources benefit you the most and focus on those first.

Note: I’m learning Korean, but learning any language is challenging due to numerous resources (unless the language being learned is one with limited resources because it’s an endangered language or something similar.)

Additional Note:

There is also something to be said for having lots of resources to choose from. Sometimes it can make switching things up easier, so we can add a little more fun back into our studying.

Or we can find other and better ways for us to learn certain concepts, words, grammar, etc.

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Thanks a lot for all your advices

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