Human translation Anki export is not working

Even when I selected “Human Translation” in Anki Export as below, the exported file contains only machine translation.

The website (Language Reactor) shows human translation correctly, but I can’t export it for Anki.

I didn’t have this problem before the update when we could export it directly from netflix without redirecting to languagereactor website.

Any idea how to solve this problem?

Same here. Human Translation doesn’t work. Does anyone have a solution?

Still not fixed. Anybody help?

I will decide to renew my membership if this issue can be fixed.

I can propose some possible problems why it’s going like this. The Anki software may not be compatible with the operating system or device being used by the user, causing the export feature to fail. Or also it can be by reason of Anki plugin issue: If the user is using a plugin or add-on with Anki, it could be interfering with the human translation export feature.
All the best, Edward, manager WorkTime more

Thanks for your reply.
But I checked the exported file. It only includes the machine translation data, Even though I selected the “human translation” option before. So it’s already failing before it’s imported to Anki.

I think this is a bug that can be solved quickly. But no admin to respond. This affected me to use Anki for learning.:pensive: