Problem with "Sign in" to export Machine Translations

I love this extension. I pay for pro but I cannot export any of the machine translations now. This has been an issue for about 2 months. I don’t use this feature a lot but I need this to work. Please help.


Same here. I am signed in to Pro, but under Export > Show Machine Translations, the Sign in toggle appears not signed in, and the Sign in button is inoperable.

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I pay pro too, same problem for me, please help.

I pay pro too, same problem for me for about 4 months, please help :frowning: .

Did they answer you? Did you solve it? :frowning:

Hi, this should be fixed with the latest update (Language Reactor). Let me know if there are any problems still.

Thanks it is working for me now. I can export using machine translations. :grinning: