I can't find my exported saved phrases anyhwere?

I’ve tried to export my saved phrases as Anki files but when I try to import from anki the folder is empty?

I’ve tried to export as csv files but I can’t find anything on my laptop?

Anyone else have this issue? thanks

I had a similar problem:

Hi. That’s exactly the same issue I was having. I realised what the issue was (for me anyway).

I’m using a kind of old hp laptop with Windows. When I hit the export button on Language Reactor there was a small pop up coming up beside my downloads tab on the top right of my screen which I wasn’t seeing. It was saying something like “blocking popups” or something like that. Once I clicked on that and allowed LR then it exported to my normal downloads folder.

I haven’t tried Anki exporting since but I hope it should work now.

Anyway, hope you can solve this. It was so frustrating for me.