Incorrect Wiktionary link in dictionary

When you learn German language, and click at a word to check it in the dictionary and you click on the Wiktionary link it drops me to the Wiktionary of the translated language. This might not be a problem if you use the English Wiktionary site but other languages (such as the Hungarian) cannot understand the German words.
Suggestion 1.
The Wiktionary link should refer to the Wiktionary site for the source language.

Suggestion 2.
The Wiktionary links (even if it is user added) converts all the word to lowercase. However for nouns, the first letter should be Uppercase. Or to be universal, words should not be transformed for Wiktionary.
i.e.: <<< not works
but Tasche – Wiktionary <<< works

Many thanks!
PS: I just found this extension and I already love it. Only these features/bugs are found but they’re negligible compared to the awesome features.