Phrases from articles are sometimes added to the wrong language

I already had this issue a couple of times. One of the languages that I learn is English (from Polish). I use Windows, my location: Italy.

steps to reproduce:

  • I opened some article and found an interesting phrase: to keep it in balance
  • I marked this phrase in the article, clicked the right mouse button and picked: Read in Language Reactor
  • Then I’m redirected to the website: Language Reactor where I can save the phrase
  • In the side menu on the left, where there’s a dropdown button with all the languages, I can see a language to which my phrase belongs

expected result: I should see “English” in this dropdown button.
actual result: I see: Indonesian, so I have to change the language in this place manually. Btw, I don’t learn Indonesian, so it’s not a language from my list.

I had a similar situation when I had a spanish phrase, but the language visible in a dropdown button was: Dutch.