The "English > Portuguese" translation option is no longer appearing in the Text tool

I write from Brazil. I’ve always been able to use the Text tool in “English > Portuguese”. However, when I went to use this tool today, I got the following error message: “Translation from English to Portuguese is not supported currently…” I was surprised because the option English > Portuguese always existed, but suddenly disappeared.
The link of the tool with the bug: Language Reactor

I kindly ask you to correct this problem or bug.

I use Windows 10 and Chrome

I have the same problem with Italian>English/Spanish

Sometimes I open the Text tool to see if it’s back to normal but nothing so far… :slightly_frowning_face:

Started working again! :raised_hands:

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Eu estou muito irritado com isso, pra mim as frases são traduzidas para o português de Portugal. Já mandei messagens para os desenvolvedores, mais até agora nada.