Text Translation suddenly stopped.

I was using text translation as currently only good free thing in your program. Normally I was use immersive reader on edge browser or chrome extension similar. But it’s stopped supporting many language pairs except english - spanish. As in my country dollar is too much to ask so I can’t pay or got pro membership. But I am trying to read text news. I’m back to use google translate.

Some thing happened to me for German
English to German works but German to English stopped, and its strange because it was working fine just last week.

Hey people. We are having electricity problem on the server we use for these new beta free features (Text mode and Turtle TV). We are trying hard to fix it. As translation ask for a lot of computation power, it is quiet expensive for us, so we can’t have a cloud server (amazon, google, etc) and can only use our local machine.
We are hoping to put it back online today, but the electric power in the city we have the server is quiet instable, so you can have some new problems in the following week until we find a definitive solution for our server :slight_smile:

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