Text mode. Translation from Bulgarian to English no longer supported

I have had some problems with text mode the last week (translations struggling to load unless I did strange workarounds like pressing TTS buttons), but before that it worked quite well.
Now however there’s a red exclamation point in the top right of the interface that just plain states that translation from Bulgarian to English is not supported at the moment.
That’s a pretty critical step back in functionality.

Is this coming back soon or is it just not worth keeping a subscription and using LanguageReactor with Bulgarian? It was already limited in scope because Netflix doesn’t have BG subtitles and suitable YouTube content is very hard to find, but at least the text mode used to be the best reading tool I had yet come across. Not so impressive anymore if it can’t even provide a translation I can get myself in another window from DeepL or Google Translate.

We broke it (well, Ogjen did :grin: ) by mistake while refactoring some code, should be fixed in the next few minutes. Yeah… our software is like a building site.

For Bulgarian… well, new TurtleTube catalogue is getting close to done, will include Bulgarian… we’re working flat out on the chatgpt feature last few days, it’ll work with the regular subscription. Dunno, I wouldn’t give these guys money if I were you. :grin:

I’ve been trying out chatGPT the last few days for language learning. Seems promising. I did notice you have a placeholder page for it now on your site.

No translations still in text mode, but I hope it will go out with the next update.

Translation is back. Thank you :slight_smile:.

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