iOS (ipad): chrome extension for LLN

Can LLN or LLY be installed on iPad?

I mean does iOS version of chrome allow the installation of LLN extension? If yes, how?

Thank you

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I mean to install LLN to iPhone and to iPad

Additionally: is there an Android version? To install this chrome extension on my Android (Samsung) tablet.

Hello. Unfortunately there is no mobile or tablet support at the moment. You can only use LLN on your laptop / desktop PC.

I don’t know what the technical issues are, I imagine considerable, but there’s a large audience out there who use Ipads as their primary, or even only, watching device. And clearly adding mobiles of all ilks would be a major boost.

The technical issues for that might be insurmountable. Apple is very cautious about one app being able to monitor or control another app. It is one of the reasons that viruses as very scarce on IOS devices because things are locked down considerably. Short of them creating own browser to watch Netflix from, it may not be possible. I doubt that is something they want to get involved with.

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