Feature Request: LLN for iPadOS

LLN for iPadOS, either through Chrome or Safari.

LLN works great on a computer but not all people have a computer.
I for example have a iPad as my primary device and only device. I suspect that there are several others that have a similiar situation.




Following. I’m a software developer who could help if anyone started this project

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I would think that this question gets asked a lot and I’m surprised the answer is not in the FAQ. How many people watch TV on their desktop computers? We use the TV, tablet, or phone. Unfortunately, I think that the problem is that the browser extensions only work on the desktop and there is no way to do this on iOS or tvOS.

I’m thinking of spending about $1,000 to setup a Mac Mini on my main TV or connected to a display mounted on a swing arm above my recliner.

I’d suggest something much cheaper that would get the job done - an Intel Compute Stick: https://www.amazon.com/Intel-Compute-Computer-Processor-BOXSTK1AW32SC/dp/B01AZC4NHS
If you’re comfortable with Linux, a beefy Raspberry Pi would be waaaay cheaper than that, even.

The problem with iOS is that Apple only allows their own html engine (i.e., safari). It is different to Android, where you can have different engines (like FF has). Chrome, Firefox and all the others MUST use the safari engine on iOS, so it is really little more than a skin on top of safari. That means you can’t hack around the no-extensions restriction like you can with the Yandex browser on Android, which allows you to install and run extensions with relatively few issues.

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Apple has confirmed extensions for Safari coming with IpadOS15, so we might see LLN on our iPad if the developers port it to safari.

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i use teamviewer for my ipad pro…. might be a good option for the mean time

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Hi! Just wanted to bring this back to life and see if anyone has had any progress with using this on iPad/has the extension been ported to safari?