iPad chrome ass: can LLN or LLY be installed?


Can LLN or LLY be installed on iOS? I have a 12.9" iPad pro. I can run chrome in ‘desktop mode’. Can I install the LLN and LLY extension and enjoy youtube and netflix on my iPad with LLN features?

Thank you

Hello. Not sure how desktop mode works, but likely not - you need a keyboard to use LLN.

Now that IOS (and on many Android systems) you can run apps side-by-side, why not just put a wrapper around LLN and run it in its own app and have users just position it next to netflix and select the correct subtitle file to load?

You would possibly need to pre-fetch the subtitles from a computer.

you would also need to either manually or find a way to automatically keep the timebase synchronized. (Isn’t the current timestamp sent over bluetooth? maybe there is a way to get the timestamp of playing audio from the system)