Is LR still being developed?

I love LR, but can’t help wondering if it’s still under active development?

  1. The most recent release notes I can find are from Feb 2022;
  2. the Swiss Netflix catalogue appears to not have been updated for a while (a lot of entries I click on are no longer available on Netflix).

I’d love to better understand the expected trajectory…



Yes. most of the last time, weve been working on a big update. You can see it here: Link

regarding to Netflix - **Different languages for each movie are available in different countries. Unfortunately, our catalogue data is not 100% accurate at the moment. You can check if your languages are available by checking if they are listed in the Netflix subtitle selector. If not, you can try using machine translations (a Pro feature). Or try a different movie. In rare cases, you can enable additional (human subtitle) languages by connecting from another country, e.g. via a VPN service (ExpressVPN or similar)