keyboard shortcut "d" or "→" error

hi i’m korean
thank you for making this program
i using LLN every day, so i can study english
thank u

but i find this error…
keyboard shortcut “d” or “→” is out of order
the scene won’t go over
and “s” or “↓” is out of order too…

please, fix this error
i love LLN
thank u!!!

I was about to report this but apparently, @11146 has found this bug too. Unlike 태암 김, I’m only experiencing it at the very first subtitle cell and in the YouTube version of Language Reactor.

The A [Previous], S [Repeat], & D [Next] keyboard shortcuts malfunction when we’re parked at the very first subtitle. Even the side buttons that do the same functions malfunction. Once we’re out of the first subtitle, they regain functionality. You can even A back to the very first but you can’t D to the second subtitle.

Here it is in action: - YouTube
Here’s the video where I encountered this in so that you can try it for yourself: #sushi bằng truyền ở Cupertino _#Kura revolving sushi at Cupertino - YouTube

Thanks again for this really great extension!

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