Repeat button now broken

I am living in the US using Netflix to watch Kdramas in Korean subtitles as the learning subtitles with English subtitles beneath.

Recently, the repeat button is broken, in that every time I press the repeat button, the repeat voiced sentence cuts off like the first two words of the sentence. In other words, the repeat sentence starts way too late than it should.

This is happening in all the different language videos in Netflix, I tried it on Japanese shows, same thing, the voiced sentence starts way later than it should, cuts off/omits the first two words.

I really like this app though, thank you so much for all your help

Umm, I think it is fixed now, you guys are insanely fast. I love this app, you guys are awesome

Hey, I think it is re-broken again, in that the first word of the sentence is cut off when you repeat the sentence.
In both this time and last time, the way it is broken appears exactly the same.
Please fix when you can! Thank you!

It is still broken the same way, please fix!

Hello, this is the same guy who made the original complaint.

This is my bad, I realize it was just a bluetooth delay connection thing; bluetooth is slow at syncing audio when I repeat the line.

Once I got a better computer with better specs, allowing for faster bluetooth connection, it all went away.

So my bad, sorry for wasting your time and bothering you. Thank you for being the literal biggest reason I was able to learn Korean, if you didn’t exist, I would not have learnt the language.
You make language learning so much easier and more fun; it is hard to be motivated to learn something you don’t NEED, like a job or whatever, so by making learning so fun, you actually made it possible for people like me to grind through it and get somewhere.
Thank you again